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Advantages of 1m3 formaldehyde emission environmental test chamber

Date: Jul 29,2020 Views: 430

     The formaldehyde emission test chamber is developed and produced according to the new GB18580-2017 standard. It can detect the formaldehyde emission of furniture, composite wood floors, carpets, etc. By detecting the formaldehyde emission, we can exclude products with excessive formaldehyde from the production channels.

     So what are the advantages of the formaldehyde emission environmental test chamber?

     The cabinet has a low background concentration. The inner wall of the cabinet is fully welded with stainless steel materials. Each corner is treated with arcs, which does not absorb or release formaldehyde. The sealing ring adopts imported non-formaldehyde sealing strips to ensure the test chamber and the external environment Isolate and keep the background value as low as possible. The temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled and adjusted by computer programs, with high control accuracy. The humidity of the air entering the box is controlled by robust tracking, the temperature is uniform, and there is no frost under the corresponding humidity.

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