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AHAM purifier test chamber method American standard

Date: Feb 17,2022 Views: 208

Many purifiers in our country are tested according to the test method of ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2006. How to test the purifiers that meet AHAM? What kind of air purifier environmental test chamber is used to test? I will tell you below.


Test Sample: Air Purifier


Test equipment: AHAM standard air purifier environmental chamber


Manufacturer: Huanyi Instrument


AHAM standard air purifier environmental chamber parameters:


Test steps for AHAM air purifier:

1. When using this test procedure, the selected mode and test power must be in a steady state. If the fluctuation range of the measured power within 5 minutes is less than 5%, the apparent power is in a stable state, and the standby J test under this standard can be carried out. Power steady state can be determined from the instrument power reading.


2. In stable mode, connect the air purifier to be tested to the test equipment.


3. Let the air purifier stabilize for 5 minutes, and then monitor the operating power for at least 5 minutes.


4. If the power level drift does not exceed 5% in the next 5 minutes (judged by the observed maximum power value), depending on the load in a stable state, the power reading of the instrument can be directly recorded at the end of the 5 minutes.


5. Test results:

Standby power is reported as average power in watts, rounded to 2 decimal places.

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