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Analyze the abnormal temperature and humidity control system of low pressure test chamber

Date: Feb 09,2023 Views: 202

Low pressure test chamber in the test process there will be some temperature and humidity problems, and for the long-term use of equipment, the occurrence of these problems is very normal, the user needs to do is to understand these common problems and implement reasonable solution measures.


I. Analysis of the sudden failure of low pressure test chamber in the process of test operation


The corresponding fault display prompt and sound alarm prompt appear on the control instrument of the test chamber. The operator can quickly check which kind of fault belongs to the fault according to the troubleshooting in the operation and use of the equipment, and can ask professionals for quick troubleshooting. When the gauze is unable to absorb moisture and dry phenomenon, only the gauze replacement or cleaning can eliminate the above phenomenon. The latter phenomenon is mainly to check the water supply system of the humidification system to see whether there is enough water supply in the water supply system, whether the water level control of the humidification boiler is normal, and whether the water level in the humidification boiler is normal.


Two, low pressure test box in the humidifier control system does not work when the fault analysis


When the actual humidity of the humidification system of the equipment reaches 100% or the actual humidity differs greatly from the target humidity, and the value is much lower, the former phenomenon: It may be caused by dry gauze on the wet bulb sensor, it is necessary to check whether the water shortage in the tank of the wet bulb sensor, the water level in the tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller, check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal, and whether the water level controller works normally. The latter phenomenon: may be wet bulb gauze due to the use of a long time, test box or water purity of the reason, resulting in gauze hardening.

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