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Arm Constant Acceleration Test System

Date: Apr 29,2022 Views: 290

The rotating arm constant acceleration test system generally refers to the determination of whether the adaptability and performance of the structure are good under the action of the force (except gravity) generated by the steady acceleration environment of electronic components, small equipment and other electrical and electronic products. As well as evaluating the structural integrity of some components, and verifying whether these devices and equipment can work normally under the specified steady-state acceleration environmental force and the bearing capacity of the structure.


Arm constant acceleration test system:


1. The rotary arm constant acceleration test system has strong rotary arm bearing capacity. Different rotary arm lengths and rotation speeds can be selected according to needs to generate constant outward acceleration on the outside of the rotary arm.


2. The rotating arm constant acceleration test system is driven by a motor, and the speed of the turntable or the rotating arm is adjusted by frequency conversion to achieve the purpose of adjusting the test acceleration.


3. Fully automatic computer remote real-time control interface, the operator only needs to input a simple value to start the equipment and accurately complete the acceleration test.


4. The control interface can display the test curve, tolerance and test time in real time.


5. According to the different requirements of the test product, the multi-stage acceleration continuous test can be realized.


6. It can realize open circuit, overrun and overspeed protection.


7. In the absence of automatic control or failure of automatic control, the equipment can still use manual control to complete the test.


The above is a brief introduction to the rotating arm constant acceleration test system. If you have any doubts about this, you can visit the official website of "Huanyi Instrument" and consult relevant technical personnel.

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