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ASTM D2565 Xenon Aging Test Chamber of Plastics

Date: Apr 25,2023 Views: 66


Warranty:-1 Year

Temperature range:-0℃ ~ 80℃

Inner chamber size:-W500 x D500 x H600 mm

Model Number:-D457

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel / Baking Finish

Temperature deviation:-± 2℃

Outer chamber size:-W1050 x D1050 x H1750 mm

Heat power:-About 4 KW

Power supply:-220V ± 10%, 50HZ

Standard:-ASTM D2565


Humidity range:-30 ~ 98% R.H

Product Description

ASTM D2565 Xenon-Arc Exposure Aging Tester of Plastics


Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber which can simulate all sunlight lamps to reproduce spectrum chambers uses xenon destructive can provide corresponding environment arc light. It waves in different environment product development tests for scientific research,  and quality control. select new materials, improve the test, it can be a good simulation in the evaluate the of different environmental existing Xenon arc aging test chamber box can be used to materials simulation and accelerated or after composition changes conditions, the durability of materials exposed to sunlight changes. Meet the criteria: GB/T16585-1996, GB14522-93, GB/T16422.3-97, ASTM D2565

 Conditions For Equipment Use
Ambient temperature 5℃ ~ +32℃
Ambient humidity Less than 85%
Power requirements About 4KW; 220V±10% 50HZ


Frequently Asked Questions;-

What is ASTM D2565?

ASTM D2565 is an exposure of plastics intended xenon-arc outdoor applications practices of ASTM G151 for standard practice for This and test conditions based on related practice covers specific procedures testing and ASTM G155.

How do xenon arc lamps work?

The Xenon Short-Arc Lamp pressure gives the light is highly intense The xenon gas in a very high and close lamp high-efficiency lamp makes an arc through the ionized bulb. The high pressure the in frequency to that of sunlight.

What is xenon arc testing?

Xenon arc testing materials, including the moisture and heat, by solar effects, promotes property changes of sunlight, radiations by means of simulating ultraviolet and visible a weather meter.

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