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ASTM D4799 Fluorescent UV Accelerated Weathering Aging Test Chamber

Date: Apr 25,2023 Views: 195

ASTM D4799 Fluorescent UV Accelerated Weathering Aging Test Chamber


Warranty:-1 Year

Light temperature range:-50℃ ~ 70℃

Inner chamber size:-1140 x 400 x 380 mm

Model Number:-D451

Material:-SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Radiation intensity:-1.2W / m2 / 340 nm

Wavelength Range:-315 – 400 nm

Condensing temperature range:-40℃ ~ 60℃

Standard:-ASTM D4799


Outer chamber size:-1300 x 500 x 1460 mm

Humidity range:-45% ~ 70% R.H

Product Description

ASTM D4799 Fluorescent UV Accelerated Weathering Aging Test Chamber
1. Product Parameters
Studio size 1140 x 400 x 380 mm
Outline size 1300 x 500 x 1460 mm
The center distance of the lamp 70 mm
The nearest parallel surface distance between the specimen and the lamp About 50 mm
The wavelength range is UV-A and the wavelength range 315 ~ 400 nm
Radiation intensity 1.2W / m2 / 340 nm
Temperature resolution 0.1 C
Light temperature range 50℃ ~ 70℃ / temperature tolerance is±3℃.
Condensing temperature range 40℃ ~ 60℃ / temperature tolerance is ±3℃.
Temperature control mode PID self-tuning temperature control mode.
Humidity range 45% ~ 70% R.H (light condition) / 98% above (condensation state).
Sink requirements Water depth and automatic water not greater than 25 mm supply controller.
Standard sample size 75 x 150 mm 48pcs
Recommended instrument usage environment 5 ~ 35℃, 40% ~ 85% R.H, distance wall 300 mm

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What does ASTM compliant mean?

American Society for Testing formerly knew technical standards for a wide organization international that develops a range of Materials, is an ASTM International, for Testing, and publishes voluntary standards as materials, products, systems, and American Society and Materials consensus services.

What is UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber?

The UV Accelerated effect of sunlight can these circles occur over months or years outdoors fluorescent these circles automatically Weathering Test Chamber simulates the ultraviolet (UV) lamps and carries automatically reproduce the damage that out In a few days or weeks, the UV.

What is an accelerated weathering test?

Accelerated weathering of materials’ durability under weathering testing possibilities certain which is used to measure future test is a type of environmental conditions.

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