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Bacterial aerosol cabinet test air disinfectant sterilization and sterilization operation steps

Date: Apr 03,2022 Views: 242

The main function of air disinfectant is to disinfect. In the performance test of sterilization and sterilization, it is necessary to use a 1 cubic meter bacterial aerosol cabinet for testing. Let us give a brief understanding of the test steps.


Air disinfectant sterilization and sterilization test method:


A. Preparation of equipment

1. Test sample: air disinfectant

2. Test equipment: 1m bacterial aerosol cabinet

3. Equipment model: HYKJ-1000

4. Equipment manufacturer: Huanyi Instrument

5. Test bacteria: Staphylococcus albus (8032)


B. The process of testing

1. Inject pretreated pollutants (bacteria) into the sampling and filling port. After the pollutants reach the corresponding initial concentration, the stirring fan in the air stirring fan system works for another 10 minutes to make the pollutants mix more uniformly, and then turns off. Pipette 0.1mL of the bacterial suspension for the test into the above neutralizer solution, and count the viable bacteria culture.

2. The above steps are repeated 3 times, and the amount of disinfectant required for the suctioned bacterial suspension should be in accordance with the instructions.

3. Take the initial pollutant concentration according to the sampling requirements, and then record the pollution concentration value according to the sampling time interval through the detection instrument to be tested, and the final displayed value is displayed on the upper end of the display screen.

4. After the test sampling is completed, in order to be able to carry out the next test, it is necessary to replace the air inside the cabinet as a whole. The sewage discharge time is determined by the test period when the concentration of the environmental pollutants in the test cabinet is close to the background concentration or the test requirements.


The role of bacterial aerosol cabinet in testing:

1. By setting up a temperature control system, this is used to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

2. By setting up the exhaust system, the air inlet system, the multi-functional filter and the purifier sample table to cooperate with each other, the interior of the cabinet can be maintained in a clean and airtight environment.

3. Add external pollutants through the sampling and filling port, and also set up an air stirring fan system to improve the room temperature and the uniformity of pollutants.

4. By setting up the detection instrument, the functions are diversified, the efficiency of its work is also improved, and the use effect of the bacterial aerosol cabinet is guaranteed.

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