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Battery products are tested in high altitude test chamber

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Battery products or systems need to perform high-altitude tests. High-altitude tests can test the battery system at high altitudes to evaluate the reliability and stability of the battery system. Below are the requirements and procedures for high altitude testing of batteries.


Test equipment: high altitude test chamber


Device model: HYLA-1000


Test standard: GBT 31467.3-2015 Battery pack and system safety requirements and test methods


Test procedure:


1. The test object is a battery pack or system.


2. Test environment: air pressure at an altitude of 4 000 m or equivalent, temperature at room temperature.


3. Test time: put it in the "test environment" for 5 h, and carry out 1C(no more than 400 A) constant discharge to the discharge cutoff condition for the test object. Observe for 2 hours.


4. Requirements: battery pack or system without sharp discharge current, abnormal voltage, leakage, shell rupture, fire or explosion phenomenon. The insulation resistance value after the test is not less than 100 Ω/V.


5. Analysis of test results: Analyze the test results, evaluate the performance and stability of the battery system in the high-altitude environment, and put forward improvement measures and suggestions.


The above are some requirements for high-altitude test of batteries. If you have any questions, please visit the official website of "huanyitestchamber" and consult relevant technicians

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