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Bench top Temperature humidity Test Chamber

Date: May 05,2023 Views: 225

Bench top Temperature humidity Test Chamber

Benchtop Temperature humidity Test Chamber is customizable and widely used in electronics, automotive, manufacturing, research and laboratories. It is in line with CE mark and ISO17025 calibration



Small, portable, benchtop design

Reliable performance

Mechanical compression refrigeration system

Multi-language interface

Build-in water tank

Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Temperature control and display unit

Wide temperature ranges and volume selection

Adjustable and removable sample shelves

Safety protection system

Humidity control and display unit

USB and Ethernet

CE mark, ISO17025 calibration

Model Internal Dimension (mm) Overall Dimension (mm) Temperature Range(℃) Humidity Range(R.H) Detail…
T-50 320*350*450 800*1050*950 A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B: -40℃ ~+150 ℃ C: -70℃ c~+150 ℃ None More Compare Like
T-80 400*400*500 900*1100*1000 A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B: -40℃ ~+150 ℃ C: -70℃ ~+150 ℃ None More Compare Like
TH-50 320*350*450 800*1050*950 A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B: -40℃ ~+150 ℃ C: -70℃ ~+150 ℃ 20% ~ 98% RH or 10% ~ 98% RH More Compare Like
TH-80 400*400*500 900*1100*1000 A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B: -40℃ ~+150 ℃ C: -70℃ ~+150 ℃ 20% ~ 98% RH or 10% ~ 98% RH

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is Benchtop Temperature humidity Test Chamber?

Benchtop Temperature and compact footprint and multi-function Humidity Test Chamber provide a test performance. It is popular for labs and product very manufacturer’s electronic components, and to test the materials with simulating temperature and humidity various small electronic products, environmental conditions.

What is the temperature and humidity chamber?

Temperature humidity chambers (also known as climatic or climate test chambers) simulate the effects conditions have telecommunications solar panels that are exposed photovoltaic temperature to equipment on a product that a range of temperature and outdoor humidity or material, for example, or and humidity conditions.

What is a humidity chamber?

Humidity chamber is the prolong affect one industry applications instrument for analyzing to fix of humidity on components vital testing is not plastic and rubber industries subjected to only It is used in its quality parameters.

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