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Box type rain test box basic knowledge

Date: Oct 12,2019 Views: 793

1) The shape is elegant and generous, and the agile combination can be used to implement standards;

2) Touching the rainwater, some of the imported stainless steel is mainly used to prevent rust;

3) Imported motor drive pendulum, high reliability, adjustable water flow and rotating viewpoint;

4) The system is simple to operate, the function is stable, and the equipment protection facilitates the protection of capital low prices.

Implementation room request:

1) It should have excellent sealing.

2) There is an observation window for easy observation.

3) The prototype has a strong boss and a solid groove, and the drainage groove is provided to make the drainage smooth.

4) There is a lift, the inspection prototype is arranged on the lifted vehicle, and the indoor inspection position is indirectly entered. The lift can be firm and ensure the normal inspection of the machine.

5) Rinse tap water. To prevent nozzle clogging, water should be filtered.


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