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Brief introduction of rapid temperature change test chamber

Date: Apr 02,2021 Views: 295

Product use

The rapid temperature change test chamber is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electrical, electronic products and various electronic components to test their performance indexes under the environment of high temperature and low temperature rapid change.rapid temperature change test chamber

1. The whole box adopts integral structure. Box Structure

2. The inner side of the box is made of 1.0 mm imported sus304b stainless steel plate, the outer side is made of 1.0 mm cold rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic, and the insulation material is ultra-fine glass insulation cotton.

3. The gate is sealed with double-layer silicone rubber.

4. rapid temperature change test chamber The observation window is a multi-layer conductive film toughened insulating glass, the size of which is 350 × 500mm. In order to prevent frosting of the glass at low temperature, a special built-in safety voltage heating wire is specially designed to surround the heating belt, the power supply voltage is 36V, and a lamp is set to provide lighting for observation.

5. A 50mm test hole with a plug is set on the side of the box. The plug material is low foaming silicone rubber, which can resist high and low temperature and has heat preservation effect.

There is an air-conditioning cabinet at the back of the cabinet chamber, in which humidifier, evaporator, electric heater, fan, fan volute and other equipment are installed.

7. The temperature sensor of fast temperature change test chamber is placed at the air outlet.

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