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Causes of ice blockage in high and low temperature test chamber

Date: Oct 26,2021 Views: 262

1. When the compressor of the high and low temperature test chamber is pressurized for leak testing, the water vapor in the air is compressed into water, which is injected into the pipeline to cause ice blockage.


2. After the refrigeration evaporator is damaged, the water molecules in the freezing (storage) room will be brought into the compressor together with the water vapor molecules in the air after a long time start (when the generator starts, negative pressure is generated in the generator, and the atmospheric pressure will The water molecules in the moist air are brought into the compressor).


3. The process pipeline of the high and low temperature test chamber was not sealed after being opened and was not repaired in time. This long-term frost, coupled with occasional start-ups, will bring moisture in the air into the machine from the outside of the nozzle. There are also unsealed compressors that have been left for a long time. If it is used during frost, without drying, it will also cause ice blockage and dirty blockage.


4. The refrigerant contains too much water, which will cause freezing during filling.


5. The dried filter is aging and loses its normal function of drying and water absorption.

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