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Characteristics and main uses of rapid temperature change test chamber

Date: Sep 21,2022 Views: 244

The rapid temperature change test box is suitable for the parts and raw materials of electronic electricians, small electric vehicles, motorcycles and electric vehicles, aerospace, vulcanized rubber, plastics, metal materials, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, scientific research and other related commodities. , test its various performance parameters. Rapid temperature change test chamber

1. The box body of the rapid temperature change test box is produced and formed by CNC electric lathe, with a unique shape and design, and a non-reaction force door handle is selected, which is easy to operate.

2. The inner liner of the rapid temperature change test box is made of stainless steel mirror stainless steel, and the outer liner of the box is made of A3 thick steel plate electrostatically sprayed, which improves the appearance level and cleanliness level.

3. The observation window is equipped with lighting fixtures to keep the box bright, and the embedded tempered laminated glass of the heater is used to clearly observe the situation in the box anytime, anywhere.

4.The bottom of the device selects high-quality removable PU theme activity wheels

5. The left side of the box is equipped with a detection hole with a diameter of 50mm, which can be connected to a constant current power cord and applied to the power cord.

6.Rapid temperature change test chamber adopts a touch-button instrument panel, which is easy to set in actual operation.

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