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Cleaning method of constant temperature and humidity testing machine

Date: Jul 20,2021 Views: 35

1. Exclude the remaining water in the water storage tank from the chamber, not only to avoid the dirt in the chamber from causing errors in the next test, but also to effectively maintain the tank and extend its life.


2. Remove the wet ball gauze in the studio. If the gauze turns yellow and hard, you can directly discard it. If the gauze is clean, you can continue to use it next time, save the gauze, protect the humidity sensor, and you can directly use the high temperature function of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. , Set a high temperature of 50 to bake for about 30 minutes.


3. Open the windshield in the lower room of the working room, and use a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth to treat the dust deposited on it.

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