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In-depth analysis of the technical characteristics and application of UV aging test chamber

Date: Apr 10,2024 Views: 90

In-depth analysis of the technical characteristics and application of ultraviolet aging test chamber

UV aging test chamber is a commonly used simulated light equipment to simulate various climatic conditions in the natural environment, such as UV light, rain drenching, high temperature exposure, high humidity condensation and darkness, in order to carry out accelerated weathering test of materials. By simulating these environmental conditions under controlled conditions and combining them into a cycle of repetitive tests, the UV weathering tester is able to provide advance results for the weathering of materials, thus playing an important role in product quality improvement and research.
This UV aging test chamber has the following technical characteristics:

1, UV aging tester focus on user experience, to ensure the stability of equipment performance, ease of operation and overall safety and reliability.

2, Flexible specimen installation: the installation process is fast and easy. The test chamber also allows non-standard customization of the inner box test area according to different specimen sizes, enhancing flexibility.

3, High-efficiency condensation and spray system: the test chamber is equipped with a special condensation system and spray system. The condensation system simulates high humidity condensation in a real environment by limiting the evaporation of water vapor and allowing it to condense on the sample plate. The spray system will spray water onto the sample in the test to simulate thermal shock or erosion effects.

4, UV aging test chamber comes with casters, easy to move and relocate.
5, The equipment has a programming function, you can easily set the number of cycles of automation. Automatic alarm system can identify misoperation and failure in time.
6, The use of standard Pt-100 black plate temperature sensor, to ensure accurate control of the sample surface temperature, to enhance the reliability of the test process.

7, The additional functions of the equipment include fault alarm and handling prompts, power failure protection, timing function (automatic start and stop), self-diagnosis, etc., which further enhances the intelligent level of the equipment.

UV aging test chamber

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