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Determination of VOC Release from Rubber Shoes and Whole Shoes

Date: Jul 24,2023 Views: 215

In the standard GB/T 32367-2015 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content of Rubber Shoes and Whole Shoes, it is stipulated that the determination of voc release from rubber shoes and whole shoes should be done by using voc mini release chamber. So, how to use VOC Emission Chamber to determine voc?


Method for the determination of VOC releases from rubber shoes and whole shoes:


1. Test equipmentVOC Emission Chamber (Model: HYV-1000)

2. Test standard: GB/T 32367-2015 Adhesive shoes Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) content in whole shoes

3. Test principle: rubber shoes whole shoes in the specified experimental conditions to release volatile organic compounds (VOC), with Tenax TA packing adsorption tube to collect a certain Huju containing VOC components of the gas mixture, the VOC components in the mixture of gases is arrested in the adsorption tube, the collected VOC components through the thermal desorption instrument desorption into the gas chromatography - mass spectrometry coupled to the qualitative and quantitative determination.

4. Test steps:

a. After the volatile device reaches 35℃, the whole shoe sample (one pair or one) to be tested will be put into the test chamber by removing the packing filler, closing the door and releasing the equilibrium (24±0.5) h. Connect the constant flow gas sampler with the Tenax TA adsorbent tube and the inlet end of the adsorbent tube with the sampling port of the test chamber, and then collect the gas from the outlet of the sampling port according to sampling conditions for a sampling time of 10 The sampling time was 10 min.


Immediately after the collection is completed, both ends of the adsorbent tube are sealed with a sleeve and placed in the injection tray to be analyzed. At the same time will be a sampling tube with the same transportation, storage conditions of the adsorption tube in the sampling site to open the sleeve, with the collection process operation exposed to the same time interval, and then tighten both ends of the sleeve, as a blank collection tube. The first sampling should be connected in series with an adsorbent tube to confirm whether it is penetrated.


b. Before sampling volatile devices, they should first undergo a background test, and the background concentration should meet the requirements.


c. Blank collection tubes must be at a low enough concentration that they do not contain the target.


d. Sampling flow, sampling time can be determined according to the VOC concentration released by the test sample, the total volume of sampling should not exceed 1L maximum.


For more information about the requirements for measuring VOC emissions from rubber shoes and whole shoes, please contact Huanyi Instruments.


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