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Drug stability test chamber selection

Date: May 06,2024 Views: 86

Drug stability test chamber selection

(1) To determine the stability of the drug test chamber users in the industry

Drug stability test chamber is generally used in the following industries:
①Pharmaceutical factories ②Food factories ③Cosmetics ④Textile industry ⑤Colleges and universities.
The most of course is the pharmaceutical company, if it is used in the pharmaceutical company, you may want to ask more, is it raw materials, finished products or traditional Chinese medicine.

(2) Determine the use of drug stability test chamber

Usually customers use drug stability test chamber is to complete the following kinds of experiments:
① new drug development;
② drug sample retention (common temperature at +25 ℃ ± 2 ℃, humidity at 60 ± 5% RH);
③ low-temperature preservation test of samples (commonly stored at 5 ℃);
④ Accelerated experiment of samples (common temperature at +40℃±2℃, humidity at 75 ±5%RH, light condition: 4500±500 LX);
⑤ whether the sample is exported or domestic sales (API export is more likely Oh).

(3) Determine the three major parameters that need to be controlled in the experiment:

① Temperature range; ② Humidity range; ③ Light function

Huanyi instrument will help you choose the right drug chamber for their use:

① Temperature range:
Drug stability test chamber from doing experiments and samples to consider, generally do not need too high a temperature, usually we see the temperature range of 0-65 ℃, of course, if the drug stability test chamber is used to do accelerated experiments need to bring the light function, the experimental temperature range will also be divided into light 10-50 ℃, no light 4-50 ℃, of course, there will be a wider, but the general use of the temperature range. Temperature in this temperature range, rarely need to go beyond this temperature range, product selection is the most appropriate, rather than choosing the manufacturer to give you a broader range of parameters, it seems to be an advantage.
② Humidity range:
Similarly, the drug stability test box from doing experiments as well as samples to consider, the general humidity range in: 40 ~ 95% RH before we choose the drug box, to understand their experimental process needs to be used in the temperature is what? At this temperature, to control how much humidity, may wish to identify a few common temperature and humidity points, and then go to the selection of suitable for their own use of the drug box Oh, so that you can choose the most suitable for themselves, but also to save costs.
③ Light function:
Determine whether their experiments need to use the light function, if not, of course, as long as the choice of control temperature and humidity of the drug box on the line, if necessary, let's take the accelerated experiments with drugs to do a reference, in the Pharmacopoeia of the accelerated stability experiments in the light conditions is 4500 ± 500 LX, so as long as the intensity of light can be done to achieve this parameter, there is generally no problem, the drug box on the market! The drug box on the market, with light function, some good can be done between 0~6000LX, the error can be done below 500 LX. The rest of the industry, generally have their own need for parameters, you can provide this parameter to the factory, so that the manufacturer's professionals to help us select.

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