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Evaluation of the sealing performance of the environmental test chamber of the purifier

Date: Sep 30,2019 Views: 489
1. The most direct test for air tightness is the compression test or the pressure test. The air leakage should be less than 0.9m3/h;

2. In addition, the flow meter can be connected to the air inlet and outlet of the test chamber, and the door can be closed while measuring the outlet and inlet air flow. Under steady conditions, the air flow of the port is equal to the inlet set flow. At the time, it indicates that the system has no air leakage and good airtightness;

3. Adjust the rotor flow rate in the front section of the intake port to be about 17L/min. Use the soap membrane flowmeter with a flow range of 0.02~20L/min to measure the accurate flow rate and record the data, keep the flow of the front end rotor intact, and connect it. Gas line, close the remaining valves, measure the gas flow and record the data;

4. At least 3 times at each end, take the average to compare.

5. The measured experimental data can be seen in the table. The gas flow at the outlet end is basically the same as the inlet gas flow. The relative error is less than 0.2%. The air tightness of the test chamber is very ideal.


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