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High and low temperature cycle test chamber in the cooling effect is not good how to do

Date: Oct 11,2022 Views: 233

High and low temperature cycle test chamber, turn on the total power supply master switch, set the temperature to the temperature value in accordance with the main parameters of the adjustment method, rapid temperature change hygrothermal test chamber selection of temperature control instrument. Immediately press the up arrow, set to the overall target temperature value. After the specific temperature rises to the preset value, half an hour later, the temperature is still not stable. Will choose to self-tuning main parameters AT adjustment for 1, in all normal working attitude, key about 1 second, that is, into the main parameter settings, looking for AT situation, this time the PV monitor display information change for, and press; OK, the instrument panel fully automatic repair to normal working attitude.

High and low temperature cycle experiment box refrigeration unit in the operation of the current amount is too large, means that the operation of the refrigeration compressor current amount is too large. Resulting in high and low temperature cycle experiment box refrigeration compressor overcurrent has the following three levels of reasons: refrigeration unit of the cold suspect working pressure is too high; refrigeration unit in the refrigerant too much; refrigeration compressor lack of refrigerant oil.

High and low temperature cycle experiment box 
A, the outdoor machine heat pipe heat dissipation is not good 
(1) outdoor machine back, exhaust system short-circuit fault: such as external machine installed in the balcony, narrow corridors, rooms and other areas not naturally ventilated, there are obstacles in front of the air outlet. 
(2) outdoor machine exhaust air volume is small, heat pipe heat dissipation is very slow: such as external cooler is very dirty or blocked by dust and grease, electric fan motor speed than slow, fan capacitance reduction, outdoor machine surrounding temperature higher schools. 
Second, the external power supply system working voltage elements. 
Switching power supply working voltage is slightly low or high, both cases are formed in the work of the refrigeration compressor electric flow is high, and the working voltage is slightly low in most cases, very much when the power consumption. 
1, switching power supply working voltage (that is, the working voltage before starting) if too low, should let the customer again, such as working voltage in the 190V up and down, can think of modifying the voltage stabilization power supply, if too low, then failure. 
2, measure the pressure drop after starting, the ordinary pressure drop can only a dozen volts, the pressure drop is too large (proposed pressure drop up to about 20V and refrigeration compressor start after the working voltage is low 190V), should font thicken the power plug or alignment again, and purge the road loose and other common problems.

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