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High and low temperature test equipment -- fault self-inspection and solution

First, the low temperature can not fall or can not cool down


a. If the compressor is damaged or not started, replace the compressor, check the circuit of the control compressor, and check whether the control components are damaged.


b. If refrigerant leaks, find out the leak point by nitrogen leak detection method, weld, vacuum, add refrigerant, and debug again.

c. If the solenoid valve works abnormally, replace the solenoid valve and check the solenoid control circuit.

d. The capillary is blocked, replace the capillary, replace the filter dryer, blow the impurities of the condensing system with nitrogen, and add the refrigerant for debugging.

e. Condensers freeze, heat up and dry the water in the chamber, and then cool down.


Two, no temperature rise or high temperature can not reach

a. The heating tube is damaged (replace it).

b. If solid state relay is damaged, replace it.


Three, the humidity does not rise or do not add humidity

a. If the humidifier pipe is damaged, replace it.

b. Control that the water level float does not float.

c. The humidifying solid state relay is damaged.


Four, the total humidity is displayed at 100 RH

a. If the gauze is abnormal, replace the gauze.

b. If the cooling system is faulty, check the cooling system.

c. If the water supply in the water system is abnormal, check the water system.


Five, high and low temperature humid heat test chamber frost or icing

a. Long-term operation of low temperature leads to rising high temperature and drying water after cooling.

b. Often open the chamber door when doing experiments, try not to open the chamber door or less when doing experiments.

c. If the circulating motor is damaged or the wind wheel is removed, replace the circulating motor and tighten the wind wheel.

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