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How to sample a cubic meter of VOC emission test chamber

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(1) Sampling time

In principle, air sampling is performed on the first day (24h), 3 days (72h), 7 days, (14 ± 1) days and (28 ± 2) days after the start of the test. Air sampling can also be performed at other specified times.

Note 1: The selection of the test process is based on the test purpose

Note 2: If a release attenuation study is performed, sampling can be continued 28 days after the start of the test

Note 3: If the test concentration is below the quantitation limit, the test can be ended

(2) Air sampling

Sampling can only be performed after the temperature and relative humidity in the climatic chamber are stable for 8 hours.

(3) Sampling of formaldehyde

The sampling of formaldehyde in the air at the exit of the climatic box shall be performed in accordance with the GB / T17657 standard for formaldehyde collection.

(4) Sample of Voc

Connect the constant-current sampler to the Tenax TA adsorption tube, connect the sampling end of the adsorption tube to the climate chamber sampling port, and use the constant-current sampler to collect VOC in the air at the outlet of the climate box. The sampling flow and sampling time are determined according to the VOC concentration in the box.


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