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How to do thermal shock test for lithium battery?

The thermal shock test of lithium batteries requires the use of a thermal shock cycle test chamber. The thermal shock test is a test required in the "GB8897.4-2019 Primary Battery Part 4: Safety of Lithium Batteries" standard. Let's take a look.


Test equipment: battery thermal shock test chamber

Recommended model: HYQT thermal shock test chamber

Temperature shock steps, as shown in the following figure:

In the picture:

t1 30 min;

t2 6h (12h for large batteries);

Note: The graph shows one cycle out of 10.


The tested battery should be stored at 72for at least 6h, and then at -40for at least 6h. The conversion time between different temperatures should not exceed 30min. After 10 cycles of each tested battery, it should be stored at ambient temperature for at least 24 hours. For large batteries, the storage time at each test temperature should be 12h instead of 6h. This test is carried out with batteries that have undergone high-altitude simulation tests.


Requirement: The battery shall not leak, discharge, short circuit, rupture, explode or catch fire during the inspection.


Lithium batteries differ from conventional primary batteries that use aqueous electrolytes because they contain flammable substances. Therefore, it is very important to carefully consider safety when designing, producing, selling, using and handling lithium batteries. Based on the particularity of lithium batteries, lithium batteries as consumer products are initially small in size and low power, while high-power batteries are used in special industries and military, and such batteries must be replaced by professionals.


The above is the thermal shock test of lithium battery using the battery thermal shock test chamber. If you have any questions, you can visit the official website of "Huanyi Instrument" and consult our technical staff.

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