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How to use the "high and low temperature alternating test chamber"

Date: Jan 20,2022 Views: 236

How to use the high and low temperature alternating test chamber? In fact, the high and low temperature alternating test chamber is the same as the high and low temperature chamber. The high and low temperature are the most popular equipment in the environmental test equipment industry. Its main function is to simulate the temperature and humidity environment for the product and then test it, and then to improve product quality issues.


Many users say that I dont know much about this device. What if I dont use it when I buy it? In fact, you dont need to worry about this problem, because every manufacturer will provide the device with an instruction manual, which will not only record the constant temperature the use of the constant humidity testing machine, such as later maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance of some minor problems, will be explained in detail above.


Our company will not only provide you with the instructions for the high and low temperature test chamber, but also the engineer will teach you some basic operation problems during the on-site debugging. Today, the editor mainly explains not the use of the equipment, but some problems that need to be paid attention to when using the constant temperature and humidity testing machine.


The high and low temperature alternating test chamber must be connected to a power supply with a stable voltage of 380V, and this power supply is very dangerous for us, and contact with it is likely to cause serious injury or direct death.


Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of such safety accidents, the use of the power cord should be checked in advance before each test. If there is wear or disconnection, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, in order to prolong the service life of the power cord of the test chamber, try to pay more attention not to crush or step on the power cord too much during use.


The method of using the high and low temperature alternating test chamber will be introduced here, and there are some issues to pay attention to, and then I will explain it to you after the editor finishes sorting it out.

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