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HSI takes you through the VOC emission testing method for automotive products

 The car has become the means of transport for many families, new cars have some smell, leather smell, plastic smell and so on, before people do not care and do not pay attention to, with people's health awareness to strengthen, the topic of formaldehyde in the car is also pushed to the focus of public opinion.[VOC Emission Chamber]


A. What are the car interior products?


Compare: car cushions, car foot mats, car centre panels, cloth, pendants, etc.


Now more and more popular, more and more about personalization, trends, etc., to decorate the car into a cozy place.


But more and more businesses, using substandard materials, resulting in serious VOC overload, causing damage to the user's body. Many drivers are in their cars for quite a long time.


It is said that cars are toxic, how to test? The country is still very strong census of this, the establishment of standards for testing, can standards can be relied on, not qualified not allowed to use.


B, [VOC Emission Chamber]meet the standard


Meet the standard: in line with HJ/T 400 a 2007 volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones in the car sampling determination method standards, the industry commonly known as the national standard for plastic runway.


Manufacturer: Dongguan Huan Yi Instrument Technology Co.


Equipment name: Automotive odour/VOC simulation evaluation system, parts-level odour verification


C, performance parameters indicators


1.1 Temperature indicators


Temperature range: 15~100(high temperature cleaning above 250)   


Temperature deviation ±0.5


Temperature fluctuation ±0.3


1.2 Humidity indicators


Humidity range:4070*/*R.H. (2030) ,5*/*(65)


Humidity deviation:±3*/* R.H


Fluctuation:±2.5*/* R.H


1.3 Equipment noise: measured 5m from the equipment Less than 65 db (except air compressor)


1.4 Pressure: 10±5pa


1.5 Background concentration:


     TVOC less than 20µg/m3, monomer less than 2µg/m3 Formaldehyde background concentration 6µg/m3


     Concentration of particles >0.5um in diameter <100particles/m3


     O3<10ug/m3, NO× and SO×<10ug/m3;


     O3<10ug/m3,NO× and SO×<10ug/m3;


1.6 Ventilation volume


     Adjustment range 0.2 to 2 times, adjustment accuracy ±3%, measurement accuracy ±0.01m³/h


1.7 Recovery rate: toluene, n-dodecane or n-tetradecane 24 hours recovery rate of more than 80%


1.8 Wind speed:0.1m/s~0.3 m/s


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