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Hydrogen sensor calibration cabin performance test method

Date: Mar 07,2024 Views: 71
Hydrogen sensor calibration cabin performance test method

Hydrogen is a flammable gas and may explode if leaked. The hydrogen sensor can detect whether hydrogen gas leaks. Whether the performance of the hydrogen sensor is qualified or not can be tested using the hydrogen sensor calibration chamber. The main test items include response time, zero point drift, range drift, etc.
Test method for hydrogen sensor calibration cabin:
Test equipment: Hydrogen sensor calibration cabin
Equipment model: Environmental instrument HYBD-1000
Test standard: JJG 693-2011 "Combustible Gas Detection Alarm"
1.Response time:
After passing in the zero point gas to adjust the zero point of the instrument, pass in the gas standard material with a concentration of about 40% of the full scale, read the stable indication, stop ventilation, and let the instrument return to the zero point. Then introduce the above gas standard material and start the stopwatch at the same time. When the displayed value rises to 90% of the above stable value, stop the stopwatch and record the time displayed by the stopwatch. Repeat the measurement three times according to the above operation method, and the arithmetic mean of the three measurement results is the response time of the instrument.
Test results: diffusion type ≤ 60s, inhalation type ≤ 30s
2. Zero point drift and span drift:
After the zero point gas is introduced until the instrument indication value stabilizes (for pointer instruments, the indication value should be adjusted to 5% of the full scale range), record the instrument display value Z0, and then introduce the gas standard material with a concentration of approximately 60% of the full scale range. After the reading is stable, record the instrument indication value S0 and remove the standard gas. The portable instrument runs continuously for 1 hour, and the above steps are repeated every 10 minutes. The fixed instrument runs continuously for 6 hours, and the above steps are repeated every 1 hour. Record the values Zi and Si displayed by the instrument at the same time; (i=1, 2, 3 ,4,5,6). Calculate zero point drift.
Test results: zero point drift ±3%FS, range drift ±5%FS

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