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Introduction to technical specifications of 24 cubic meters of automotive interior parts VOC environmental test chamber

Date: Dec 20,2021 Views: 224

Product name: 24 cubic meters of VOC environmental test chamber for automotive interior parts

A. The specifications of the 24 cubic large climate chamber are as follows:

1. The internal volume of the cabin: 24m soil 0.48m'; the height of the cabin should not be less than 2.2m.

2 Test temperature range: 15℃~40℃, temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃; temperature control method: indirect temperature control by air jacket.

3. Test humidity range: 30%R.H. ~80%R.H., humidity control accuracy: soil 2%R.H.

4. Ventilation rate: 0.2~2 times/hour adjustable, adjustment accuracy: ventilation rate soil 3%, measurement accuracy: ±0.001m3/h.

5. Air leakage rate: ≤0.5% cabin volume/min, or ≤5% air supply rate.

6. Surface wind speed: 0.1m/s~1.0m/s adjustable.

7. The interior of the test chamber should be made of mirror stainless steel, and the sealing material should be polytetrafluoroethylene or fu rubber.

8. Temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors, gas mass flow meters, gas sources, compressors, etc. should use high-reliability and stable quality components.

9. Recovery rate of formaldehyde, toluene and dodecane: ≥80%.

10. Background concentration of pollutants in the cabin: TVOC concentration ≤20μg/m3, any kind of VOC≤2μg/m3, formaldehyde ≤6μg/m3.

11. Equipped with an automatic parameter monitoring system, which automatically records the cabin temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, operating time, system alarms, and presents system control, program setting, dynamic data display, historical data playback, monitoring data export, fault recording, Alarm setting function.

12. Equipped with safety protection system, including cabin high temperature protection, power supply overload, leakage, phase loss, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase sequence protection, system high and low voltage, overload protection, heating component overheat protection, motor overcurrent protection, fan, Air pump overheating, overload protection, water shortage protection, pressure protection.

B. Dongguan Huanyi Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental testing equipment

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