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Introduction to the air purification system of the purifier environmental test chamber

Date: Oct 12,2019 Views: 697

1) Purifier environmental test chamber cleaning method is different from the traditional method. The traditional cabin method is to pump 95% of the gas in the tank first, and then re-inject clean air to the maximum volume;

2) Repeat the above process for at least 6 times to check whether there are any residual contaminants. If the test results are qualified, the process of clearing the cabin is completed.

3) The cleaning method used in this paper is: using a multi-functional air filter installed in the air circulation system, the components in the filter can deeply purify the particulate matter and various chemical pollutants in the air;

4) Ensure that the air entering the purifier environment test chamber is highly clean. This purification method is highly efficient. This is used in a large 30 cubic meter purifier environmental chamber, and the air pollutants have been treated and will not pollute the ambient air. .


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