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Lab Companion,Temperature Cycle Test (TCT)

Date: Jul 15,2021 Views: 298

Temperature Cycle Testing (TCT), or simply temperature cycling or temp cycling, determines the ability of parts to resist extremely low and extremely high temperatures, as well as their ability to withstand cyclical exposures to these temperature extremes.  A mechanical failure resulting from cyclical thermomechanical loading is known as a fatigue failure, so temperature cycling primarily accelerates fatigue failures. Thermal Shock Testing (TST) closely resembles TCT and also accelerates fatigue failures.


TCT consists of subjecting the parts to the specified low (or high) temperature then subjecting the same units to the specified high (or low) temperature for a specified number of cycles using an equipment known as a Temperature Cycle Chamber.


After the final cycle, external visual examination of the case, leads, and seals shall be performed at 10 X to 20 X. The marking shall also be inspected at no greater than 3 X. An illegible mark and/or any evidence of damage to the case, leads, or seals after the stress test shall be considered a failure. 


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