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low air pressure test chamber conforming to MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160 standards

Date: Nov 22,2022 Views: 215

Meet the criteria:

Meets MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160 standards


low air pressure test chamber Purpose:

Determine the adaptability of components, equipment and other products to the combined high-temperature and low-pressure environments encountered in their storage and use. Suitable for pressure test with air pressure greater than 1000 pa.


low air pressure test chamber test item

In the test, the test sample shall first be subjected to the high temperature test of the severity level specified in the relevant code. If the test sample is to work during the test, it should be tested to ensure that the test sample can work properly. Then, under the condition that the temperature maintains the specified value, the pressure of the test chamber is reduced to the test pressure stipulated in the relevant specifications, and the temperature and pressure conditions are maintained for the specified time.


low air pressure test chamber Low air pressure test chamber

The test samples in the state of unpackaged, unenergized and ready for use are packed into the test chamber according to their normal working position or according to the relevant regulations. The temperature of the test samples is the ambient laboratory temperature. The heat dissipation test sample should be energized or charged.

Adjust the temperature in the chamber to a temperature above or below the severity level at a rate not exceeding 1/min (not exceeding the average time of 5min) and keep the test sample stable at this temperature.

Check the test product to see if it can work according to the relevant specifications, and then keep the test sample in this working state or disconnect the power supply according to the relevant specifications.

During the last 1h of the low pressure period, the intermediate test shall be carried out according to the relevant specifications. Before the pressure recovery, the power supply shall be cut off or the load shall be removed.

The pressure in the test chamber shall be restored to normal at a rate of no more than 10kPa/min. No temperature control is required during the pressure increase. The sample was kept in the test chamber, and the test temperature was gradually reduced to the temperature range of the standard atmospheric conditions of the test at a rate of no more than 1/min (the average time of no more than 5min).

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