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Matters needing attention when using aging tester

Date: Jul 27,2021 Views: 41

1. The power supply equipment and the power supply line should be equipped with an overload fuse device, which has a special and good grounding device for the chamber.


2. Sample preparation. After numbering the samples one by one, place them on the turntable, and try not to touch or collide between the samples.


3. Turn off the switches of the control system, insert the power plug and turn on the power switch dial, which automatically rotates. At the same time, the power indicator of the control system lights up. When the temperature rises, the switches (ie, high temperature switch and low temperature switch) must be turned on to adjust the automatic control system.


4. The housing of the aging tester must be grounded effectively to ensure safe use.


5. It should be placed in a well-ventilated indoor horizontal position, and no flammable and explosive materials should be placed around it.


6. Set the gate switch of the iron shell on the power supply line to provide the particularity of the chamber. Check the electrical performance of the chamber before the shell of the aging tester is grounded and energized. Pay attention to whether there is any open circuit or leakage. The aging tester has no explosion-proof device. , Do not put flammable and explosive materials.


7. Don't overcrowd the things in the chamber, leave a certain amount of space, and use hot air to circulate.


8. Non-workers should not perform related operations.

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