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Operation method of salt spray test chamber

Date: Feb 15,2022 Views: 233

1. Install the internal parts of the salt spray test chamber: tower spray device, funnel, round bar, V-shaped sample holder, etc.

2. Connect the air source, after the power is turned on, turn on the power switch.


3. Add water to the pressure barrel and the chamber, stop adding water after the two low water level lights are off, and add water to the sealing groove to seal.


4. Mix purified water and sodium chloride salt in a ratio of 1:20. Pour the prepared solution into the inlet of the reagent (the low salt water light can be turned off).


5. After all the lights are off, we can turn on the operation, spray and timing switches, and the defogging switch can be turned on after the test is over.


5. According to the test requirements, the equipment shall be equipped with two spraying modes: continuous and periodic (all T1 and T2 tables are set to 0 during continuous spraying, T1 is set as working time during intermittent spraying, and T2 is set as rest time).


Salt spray test chamber precautions


1. Regularly clean and maintain the pressure barrel, salt water tank and nozzle of the salt spray test chamber.


2. Do not pour the sodium chloride solution manually from the pressure bucket. Clean the measuring cylinder for adjusting the solution first, and then add distilled water into it.


3. Do not block the rear exhaust pipe during the test, so as not to deform the chamber due to excessive pressure in the chamber.


4. Do not put flammable and explosive items in the chamber.


5. The pressure gauge at the back of the salt spray test chamber is 2 kg, and the front is 1 kg. Before leaving the factory, Wuhan Shangshi Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed it, please do not move it.


6. If the spray volume is insufficient, please increase the spray tower, and if the spray volume is too large, lower the spray tower (the collected spray volume standard is 1~2ml/h, and the average value of 16 hours is taken)

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