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Overview of high temperature aging test chamber

Date: Dec 25,2020 Views: 58

Overview of high temperature aging test chamber

The high temperature aging test box is also called high temperature aging test chamber, aging box, high temperature oven, high temperature oven, heat aging test box. The high temperature box is used for thermal aging test detection of various electronic products and rubber and plastic products.

1. high temperature aging test chamber Overview

1. Model: HYQT series

2. Studio size: (to be determined according to user needs)

3. Temperature range: RT+10~200(300) (determined according to user requirements)

4. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5

5. Temperature uniformity: ≤±2(when no load)

6. Heating time: heating up 3--5/min Note: The above indicators can be customized according to user needs.

2. high temperature aging test chamber Structure and material:

1. Inner box material: high quality stainless steel plate

2. Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying, strong, beautiful and durable

3. Thermal insulation material: ultra-fine and ultra-glass thermal insulation cotton 4. Heater: nickel-chromium alloy fin heater, the built-in heating element is installed in the interlayer of the stainless steel cavity, which is extremely safe. (It has been upgraded to a ceramic chip heater with higher heating efficiency)

3. high temperature aging test chamber Air circulation system:

1. YDK series dedicated fan

2. Forced air circulation

4. Control system:

1. Precise microcomputer PID temperature controller

2. Standard electronic timer 1 second-99 hours (any adjustable)

3. Temperature measuring body; Pt100 test sensor

4. Adjustable ventilation

Five, safety protection device

1. With independent over-temperature protection (over-temperature automatically cuts off the power of the whole machine)

2. The circuit is equipped with short circuit protection. 6. Power supply: AC220V/380V 50HZ

7. Accessories 1. Stainless steel sample holder: 2 pieces 2. Fuses: 3 pieces

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