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Precautions for purchase of thermal shock testing machine

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 25

Precautions for the purchase of thermal shock testing machine: First, we must select the thermal shock testing machine according to our product test items, and then check its impact temperature, test load, return time, defrost time, and whether the sensor is placed Meet the test standards of the product. Impact temperature: The impact temperature refers to the maximum range of temperature that can actually be reached in the test area.


Note that it is not the limit temperature of the preheating and precooling rooms.


Test load: This parameter directly affects how many test items can be placed. Generally speaking, the larger the weight, the better.


Reset time: It refers to the time it takes for all test items to switch from one temperature point to another temperature point. Our common standard convention is 5min. The shorter this time, the better.


Defrost time: The longer the defrost interval, the better. Nowadays, some manufacturers can defrost once 1000 cycles, which is very ideal. The shorter the defrost interval, the worse the air tightness of the equipment.


Sensor placement location: According to the specification, the sensor must be placed inside the test area. Some manufacturers place the sensor inside the air duct. Although it is only 10cm away from the test area, the energy difference is quite large.

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