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A refreshing cockpit, a high performance vehicle purifier performance test cabin

Date: Feb 23,2019 Views: 836
Immediately it will be the annual consumption day of 3.15. The purifier has been put into dismantling more products in the past two years, and the vehicle purifier has slowly entered people's vision. Environmental pollution has been recognized by all, people are clearly visible, understand the problem, you think a lot of my trick, in the office central air conditioning purifier, home air purifier, car purifier installed, in the end purifier can purify our air?
Next, let's talk about the detection method of vehicle purifier.
The standard of vehicle purifier is GB/T18801-2015. This standard has been put into effect since March 1 this year. The environmental test cabin of 3 cubic meters vehicle purifier mentioned in this standard (performance test cabin of vehicle purifier)
Loop Instrument Vehicle Purifier Test Room Requirements:
Test cabin volume: 3m3.
The dimensions of the test cabin are 1.4 m x 1.4 m x 1.5 m = 2.94 m3, with an allowable deviation of <0.1 m3.
Temperature and Humidity: Standard temperature (23 +2)degrees Celsius, relative humidity (50 +10)%. Temperature can be adjusted between 18 ~28 ~C, and relative humidity can be adjusted between 30%~70%.
Frame: Stainless steel frame (2mm), installed on the floor. It can be moved as a whole. Installation of pulleys ensures easy movement.
Wall: 2 mm stainless steel mirror panel, strong and beautiful, wall open door, glass observation mouth.
Floor: 2 mm stainless steel mirror panel.
Top plate: 2 mm stainless steel mirror panel, strong and beautiful.
Sealing material: Silicone rubber strip and glass sealant.
Sampling tube material: stainless steel or polytetrafluoroethylene, need to be equipped with four sampling ports, four sampling ports.
Mixing device: small fan (stainless steel), fan with protective net, to ensure safety, mixing degree to ensure more than 80%.
Ventilation: It has an exhaust pipe, which can be used for sewage discharge.
There is a high-performance vehicle purifier performance test cabin , but also you a clean cockpit environment.

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