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Safety information for installation of thermal shock test chamber:

Date: Mar 04,2021 Views: 313

1. Power  thermal shock test chamber

  (1) The power supply of the high and low temperature test box uses a three-phase five-wire system, and the facility cable is a four-core wire, three phase wires, and a neutral wire. Please pay attention to the zero line distinction. Because part of the load and control system of the facility are single-phase, connecting the wrong neutral line will cause the facility to not work and be damaged.

  (2) The grounding wire of this facility has a grounding pole to ensure that the facility is well grounded to make the facility safe and reliable. The wrong connection of the neutral wire and the ground wire will cause the facility to work abnormally.

  (3) The cable needs to be extended due to factors such as the user's site. Please ensure that the rated parameters of the extension cable and power supply used can meet the power requirements of the product.

2. Venue  thermal shock test chamber

  (1) A lot of heat will be generated during the use of this facility. Please install the facility in a well-ventilated place.

  (2) Do not use this facility near flammable materials or explosive environments.

  (3) Do not use in a strong magnetic field and strong vibration environment.

Use safety information:

  1. Do not connect the power supply of the test product to the facility power supply, otherwise it will increase the facility power supply load. Unless the facility has a power interface for the test product.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to test flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, and strong radiation items.

  3. Do not carry or overhaul the facility when it is energized or during operation.

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