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Sample processing method of VOC test cabin for automobile interior parts by bag method

Date: Dec 15,2020 Views: 65

Product name: VOC test chamber for car interior parts by bag method

One, sample processing

1.VOC test chamber Weigh and record the sample mass W.

2. Open the gas sampling bag that has passed the blank test and place the sample to be tested.

3. VOC test chamber Use a film sealing machine to seal the gas sampling bag.

4. Use a diaphragm vacuum pump to evacuate the gas in the gas sampling bag and observe its air tightness (a certain amount of nitrogen can be filled, 2. Observe

1.VOC test chamber Whether the sampling bag is significantly reduced to judge the air tightness of the sampling bag).

2. Use high-purity nitrogen to replace the gas sampling bag, fill it with high-purity nitrogen about 50% of its volume, and then extract the gas. Repeat the operation 3 times.

3. Then accurately add 50% of the high-purity nitrogen to the sampling bag, and record the amount of gas filled.

4. Take another blank sampling bag without placing samples, and perform the steps 7.2.3 to 7.2.6.

5. Put the two sampling bags in the sampling chamber and heat them at 65°C for 2 h ± 10 min to ensure uniform heating.

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