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Solution to blockage of spray hole in rain test chamber

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 33

The solution to the blockage of the spray hole of the rain test chamber:


1. Use mineral water for testing, and remove ash from the sample before testing to avoid bringing the tested water resources to the residue, which can prevent the appearance of dirt from the root cause.


  2. If there are fewer spray holes blocked by the pendulum pipe, just pass through the spray holes with a thru-needle. Yuexin's IPX3/4 rain test chambers are always equipped with spray holes through needles, which can help customers quickly clean up scale.


  3. If the plugged water spray hole cannot be achieved with a through needle, what should I do if the ideal cleaning effect is not achieved? In this type of situation, it may be that the plugged dirt is too small. It is proposed to replace the nozzle immediately. Everyones IPX3/4 rain test chamber is always equipped with reserved nozzles, which can give customers a good experience.


 The above solutions to the blocking of the spray hole of the rain test chamber are shared here. In addition, the rain test chamber is exposed to the environment for a long time, and the meters, switchboards, and water circuits in the power distribution room will gather dust. Moist air will cause equipment failure. To ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, please clean the power distribution room once a month.

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