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Specific operation steps of high and low temperature test chamber

Date: Nov 03,2020 Views: 406

Step 1: Turn on the power of the high and low temperature test chamber, turn on the circuit breaker at the back of the electric control cabinet, and click the "stop" point on the control panel.

Step 2: Press the "Start" button, the controller displays, press the "SET" button according to the "SV" value on the controller, the end of the SV value flashes, and the "<" key can be used to move the cursor to the digit to be modified , And then use the ", " keys to set.

Step 3: When the required test value is set, press the "SET" key to confirm. If the test value is lower than the room temperature value, please press the "cooling" switch on the control surface, and the test can be carried out , The high and low temperature box will be turned on after three minutes. If the test value is higher than the room temperature, the controller will automatically execute after the setting is completed. There is no need to press any switch. If the humidity is required, press the humidity switch (controller specific Operation can refer to this manual, but the internal settings of the controller must not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise it will affect the entire test).

Step 4: When the "AL1" indicator light on the controller of the high and low temperature test chamber is on, the temperature in the working room has exceeded "50°C" and the refrigeration cannot be turned on. When the PV value drops below 50°C, the refrigeration switch can be turned on. There is a lighting lamp on the observation window. If you need to observe the test piece in the test, you can turn on the "lighting switch". There is a test hole on the left side of the box, which can provide the test piece for dynamic testing, but for low temperature test. At this time, this hole must be sealed with thermal insulation material (in the case of lead wire), so as not to produce a large cold bridge, which will affect the test. The high temperature test can not be used for reference.

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