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Standard Test Method for Salt Spray Test / Corrosion Test

Date: Mar 10,2020 Views: 519

1 Taking position: The sample can be taken from the main surface of the product or the product itself can be used as a sample. However, if the product cannot be tested or judged, it can be replaced by a test piece between the parties. .
2 Dimensions: The standard size of the test piece is 150 × 70mm, or 100 × 65mm.
3 number: the number of samples is agreed by the seller and the buyer.
4 pre-test treatment
4.1 The samples must be properly cleaned according to the nature and degree of cleanliness of the coating. The abrasives and solvents that have corrosion or inhibitory effects must not be cleaned, and the cleaning method must not damage the surface. As for the stainless steel samples, the nitric acid can be used for cleaning and passivation by agreement between the seller and the buyer. After the sample has been cleaned (by the water-drawing test), wipe off the water with a clean cloth or absorb water, or blow dry with oil-free dry air. As a last resort, use magnesium oxide paste. This paste 10 g of reagent-grade magnesium oxide was added to 100 mL of distilled water.
4.2 Unless otherwise specified, otherwise the specimen is cut out and the exposed part of the substrate is caused by the hanging color, or the plating defect is caused by the identification mark.
During the test, a suitable protective layer should be applied. Such as ceresin wax, vinyl tape and other insulators.
4.3 Handprint contamination will cause serious bad test results. After the sample is cleaned, there shall be no handprint contamination.

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