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Structural characteristics of salt spray test chamber 

Date: Dec 28,2020 Views: 424
1. The inner and outer tanks are made of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic integrally molded, which have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, no leakage, smooth surface, smooth and easy to clean.
2. The water-sealed form prevents the salt spray from overflowing, and the jacketed air duct is heated, so that the working chamber heats up quickly and the temperature is evenly distributed.
3. The top cover of the salt spray box is designed with a top angle of 110~112℃, so that the condensed water in the box does not directly drip on the test product.
4. The spray method is tower spray, and the spray tower is placed in the middle of the bottom surface of the studio. The material of the nozzle is made of sintered quartz glass, the sprayed mist is small, and the salt mist is distributed evenly by natural settlement.
5. The control system of the salt spray test box equipment is placed on the upper right of the box, which is convenient for users to operate. The panel is equipped with a power switch, a mist discharge switch, a spray changeover switch, two PID self-tuning digital display instruments, and equipment operating time The timer and the gap spray timer are also specially equipped with an over-temperature protector on the circuit board of the box.

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