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​Temperature environment test chamber - How to select volume?

When the tested product (component, component, component or whole machine) is placed into the climate environment chamber for testing, the following provisions shall be followed between the working space size of the climate chamber and the outer dimension size of the tested product in order to ensure that the atmosphere around the tested product can meet the environmental conditions stipulated in the test specifications:


A The volume of the tested product (W×D×H) shall not exceed 20-35mm of the effective working space of the test chamber (20 is recommended).

Note: No more than 30 is recommended for products that heat up during the test


B The ratio between the windward fault area of the tested product and the total area of the working chamber of the test chamber on this section should not be greater than 35-50mm (35 is recommended).


C The distance between the outer surface of the tested product and the wall of the test chamber should be kept at least 100-150mm (150mm is recommended).

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