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Test Method of Purifier Performance Test Chamber

Date: Jul 28,2020 Views: 488

1. Test conditions of the environmental test chamber of the purifier:

Except for the tests specified separately for the test environmental conditions, the test should generally be carried out indoors where the ambient temperature is (25±2) ℃, the relative humidity is (50±10)%, and there is no external air flow, strong sunlight and other radiation effects.

2. Test the internal power supply:

The power supply is a single-phase AC sine wave, and the fluctuation range of voltage and frequency shall not exceed ±1% of the rated value; the tested prototype should be tested in the rated state and in accordance with the method specified in the instructions for use.

3.Purifier environmental test chamber test equipment

Before the test, check the pollutant occurrence, measurement and recording equipment, and they should be in normal use. The performance, uncertainty, and range of test instruments and meters should meet the following measurement requirements:

The accuracy of electrical measuring instruments used for type testing shall not be less than class 0.5, except for those specifically specified, and the factory test should not be less than class 1.0.

4. Thermometer: the uncertainty should be within ±0.5℃;

Hygrometer: the uncertainty should be within ±5%;

Timing instrument: the uncertainty should be within ±0.5%;

5. Supporting instruments for the environmental test chamber of the purifier

For the laser dust particle counter, the test particle size range should include 0.3μm10μm, and the instrument range should meet 106 pcs/L (if the range is not up to, a suitable diluter should be configured; or a metered instrument of the same level should be used);

For the particle mass concentration tester, the uncertainty should be within ±0.001mg/m3;

For the gaseous pollutant mass concentration tester, the uncertainty should be within ±0.01mg/m3;

The online instant-reading gaseous pollutant concentration tester needs to be periodically calibrated according to its measuring range, and the deviation should be within ±10% compared with the data measured by chemical or chromatography.

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