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Test procedure of voc climate chamber for decoration materials

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voc emission climate chamber regular appliances test the voc emission of furniture parts and decoration materials, such as solid class: furniture parts, floors, carpets, wood-based panels, veneer wood-based panels, wooden doors, etc. Liquid: adhesives, coatings, etc. What is the test method for these specimens? The following Xiaobian brief introduction to voc climate chamber test steps.


1. Test equipment: voc climate chamber


Ii. Equipment model: HYV-1000


Three, specimen conditioning:


1. Environment: temperature (23±2), relative humidity (50±10)%. There is clean air, a single VOC in clean air should be less than 5 ug/ m³, formaldehyde should be less than 6 ug/ m³.


2. Time: 10 d±5 h.


Four, furniture and decoration materials voc emission test:


1. Under the conditions of temperature (23.0±0.5), relative humidity (50±5)%, and air exchange rate (1.0±0.05)h-1, the concentration of volatile organic compounds was tested. The background concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air of the climate chamber shall meet the requirements of GB/T 31107.


2. The specimen shall be transferred to the test climate chamber immediately after conditioning, and the exposed surface of the specimen shall be parallel to the circulating wind direction in the chamber. After the cabin door is closed, the cabin air is collected at (96±2)h to analyze and test the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air.


3. The concentration determination of volatile organic compounds except formaldehyde and acetaldehyde was performed in Appendix C of GB/T 29899 -- 2013. Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde concentrations were determined according to GB/T 29899 -- 2013 Appendix D.


Note: In this standard, the background concentration of the climate chamber Chk refers to the concentration of the climate chamber when it runs (96±2)h in no-load condition.


The above is some explanation of the test of the climate chamber of voc release. If you have any questions, please visit the official website of huanyi Instrument and consult the technician.


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