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The difference between vacuum drying oven and ordinary blast drying oven

Date: Nov 02,2020 Views: 405

drying oven is a commonly used instrument and equipment, mainly used to dry samples, and can also provide the temperature environment required for the experiment.


The blast drying oven is connected with the outside air through a blast circulation, so that the air in the drying box is horizontally convectively circulated, so that the air in the drying oven is blown to the electric heater and then sent to the working room, and then sucked by the working room and blown to the fan Heating on the electric heating tube makes the temperature in the box more uniform while heating continuously. The hot air in the working room can heat the moist sample objects, and the water will be mixed into the hot air as water vapor due to heating.


The main feature of the vacuum drying oven is that it can speed up the drying of non-oily liquids, such as water and volatile solvents. The key of the vacuum oven is the vacuuming performance to achieve good dryness in the oven, and it is strictly required to use without water for certain compounds or reactions. It adjusts the pressure and temperature in the enclosed space, so that the moisture in the object to be dried is easier to vaporize and drain from the object to be dried. The vacuum and temperature here are determined according to the nature of the object to be dried. And It is not that the lower the vacuum degree, the higher the temperature, the faster the drying speed, the better. Take the more popular food vacuum drying, the vacuum degree and temperature should be set to ensure the appearance and quality of the food to be dried. Get rid of water quickly.

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