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The importance of solar cell testing

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 51

In the environmental test of solar cells, the humidity and freezing, temperature cycling, damp heat test, high and low temperature damp heat aging tests mentioned in the specification must be carried out. Confirm whether the solar cell fails or fails during the test. The failure of solar cells can be judged through the open circuit test. The following is a related test on the life of solar cells for your reference. At the same time, this test explains the basic requirements of the safety structure and what tests are related to the final use of solar cells.


Test types: general inspection, click hazard, fire hazard, mechanical stress and environmental stress


Treatment test: thermal cycle, damp freezing test, damp heat test, ultraviolet test


Test equipment: constant temperature and humidity test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test machine, thermal shock test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber


Test conditions:


(1) Test conditions: 85/85±5%(20h)←→-40(0.54h), clcle: 10cycles;


(2): -40 ±2℃←→85 ±2, cycle: 50, 200cycles

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