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The reason why the humidity of the high and low temperature test chamber can't drop

Date: Jul 12,2021 Views: 297

First, high and low temperature test chamber check whether the water supply of the humidity system is normal, and then whether the cooling and cooling are normal. Sometimes the compressor is not cooling, and there is no way to cool the air into cold air, and the humidity cannot be lowered. If the refrigeration system is checked normally, then we should check the humidity sensor and the wet and dry bulb. How to check the wet and dry bulbs?


In the first step, high and low temperature test chamber we need to open the door of the test chamber. We will see that there are two sensors in the upper corner of the right rear of the laboratory, the upper one is the temperature sensor, and the lower one is the humidity sensor. We need to check the humidity sensor below. Under normal circumstances, there will be a piece of gauze on the humidity sensor. We must confirm whether the gauze is still placed on the humidity sensor normally.


If this gauze is not available, high and low temperature test chamber the gauze must be placed on the humidity sensor. If there is no gauze-sensitive humidity sensor, humidity cannot be detected. Then the humidity can't drop. If there is any gauze, please check if the gauze on the humidity sensor is placed correctly. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular replacement of this gauze. If the gauze is too dirty, it will also affect it. Generally, after a step-by-step investigation, the reason why the humidity cannot drop will be found.


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