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Thermal shock test of battery thermal shock cycle test chamber

Date: Jun 22,2022 Views: 259

Thermal shock test in thermal shock cycle test chamber. With the development of the battery industry, the testing standards of batteries have been continuously improved. Lithium primary batteries and batteries are prone to leakage or explosion in the process of environmental changes. This requires related tests on battery products, of which thermal shock test is one of them. Let's take a look at the test method.


Thermal shock test method for lithium primary cells and accumulators:

Test equipment: battery thermal shock cycle test chamber

Equipment model: HYQT series of huanyi instrument

Reference standard: GB 21966-2008 Safety requirements for lithium primary batteries and accumulators during transportation

Purpose of the test: To evaluate the overall sealing performance of the battery and the internal connection status by means of temperature cycling.

Inspection steps:

1. The tested battery should be stored at 75for at least 6 hours, and then at -40for at least 6 hours. The transition time between different temperatures should not exceed 30 min.

2. After 10 cycles of each tested battery, store it at ambient temperature for at least 24 hours. For large batteries, the storage time at each test temperature should be 12h instead of 6h.


NOTE: This test is performed with batteries that have undergone high-altitude simulation tests. (High-altitude simulation test: at ambient temperature, the tested battery should be placed for at least 6 hours under a pressure of no more than 11.6 kPa)


Test requirements:

During the inspection, the battery shall have no mass loss, no leakage, no discharge, no short circuit, no rupture, no explosion, and no fire.


The above is to use the thermal shock cycle test chamber to do the thermal shock test of lithium primary batteries and storage batteries. If you have any questions, you can visit the official website of "Huanyi Instrument" and consult relevant technical personnel.

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