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Troubleshooting of low temperature test chamber

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 36

low temperature test chamber Specific failure: The constant temperature and humidity test chamber frequently "jumps" during the day when it works, and the cooling effect is normal at night.


low temperature test chamber Analysis: The refrigeration effect is normal at night, indicating that the refrigeration system and circuit system are working normally. This indicates that it is caused by the outside of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and the reason is that the condenser heat dissipation is not good.


low temperature test chamber Check: The reasons for the poor heat dissipation of the condenser are:


(1) The condenser indicates that it is too dirty;


(2) There is air in the refrigeration system;


(3) The surrounding air does not flow;


(4) The ambient temperature is too high;


(5) The oil film is formed on the inner surface of the condenser.

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