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Use standard of drop test machine

Date: Dec 29,2020 Views: 414

1. After each test, you need to drop the drop arm to prevent the spring from being deformed by the long reset drop arm, which will affect the test effect. Please reset the position before the motor stops rotating before pressing the drop button.

2. After the new machine is installed in the factory, it is necessary to add low-concentration engine oil to the sliding rod. It is strictly forbidden to add anti-rust oil or high-concentration engine oil and the backlog of corrosive oils.

3. drop test machine If there is too much dust in the oiling place for a long time, please lower the machine to the bottom, wipe the previous oil and then re-oil it.

4. drop test machine The drop machine is an impact mechanical equipment. When the new machine is used more than 500 times, a screw must be tightened to avoid malfunction.

5. The lifting shaft and chain of the testing machine need to be lubricated regularly.

6. drop test machine The gear reducer changes the oil once every six months.

7. Please place it at room temperature, a place with low humidity (no condensation below 80%) and a place with little dust and dust.

8. In order to prevent accidents and electric shocks caused by the loss of control of the machine during operation, please turn off the power before proceeding. Ensure the cleanliness of the lifting shaft.

9. Non-operators are not allowed to operate this machine arbitrarily.

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