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What to do after using the thermal shock test chamber to violate the over-temperature protection

Date: Sep 10,2021 Views: 271

The thermal shock test chamber is an indispensable test equipment in the metal, plastic, rubber, electronic and other material industries. It is used to test the material structure or composite material, and it can withstand the continuous environment of instantaneous extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature. The chemical change or physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the sample can be detected in a short time. Over-temperature protection is set up to prevent leakage. What should I do if I accidentally violated the over-temperature protection during operation? Now, lets introduce the items to be checked.


1. Low temperature laboratory of thermal shock test chamber: The temperature and uniformity in the chamber are mainly determined by the working conditions of the heater, evaporator and fan in the air duct behind the chamber. The refrigerant enters the evaporator of the working room through the expansion valve, absorbs the heat of the working room, and vaporizes to reduce the temperature of the working room; the working medium after gasification is sucked by the compressor and compressed into high temperature, and the high-pressure gas enters the condenser to condense into The liquid then passes through the screening process, and after throttling by the expansion valve, it enters the evaporator of the working chamber again to absorb heat and vaporize, and then is sucked and compressed by the compressor. In this way, it works in a reciprocating loop, and the temperature of the working room drops to the set temperature requirement.


2. The high temperature laboratory of the thermal shock test chamber: the controller detects the real-time signal from the temperature sensor and compares it with the set temperature signal. After obtaining the comparison signal, it uses the meter PID logic circuit output signal to control the switching time ratio of the solid solid state relay , Adjust the output power of the heater to reach the set temperature.


3. Shock temperature test chamber: According to the temperature and humidity to be tested, the instrument automatically controls the high and low temperature air valve, switches between low temperature and high temperature storage rooms, and forms a closed circuit air circulation system with the high temperature chamber or low temperature chamber to quickly reach the test target temperature .


Fourth, the internal temperature state of the thermal shock test chamber is determined by the working state of the heater, evaporator and fan in the air duct. The working chamber of the thermal shock test chamber adopts forced axial flow scattered loop wind, which can greatly improve the volatility and uniformity of equipment operation.

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